Project Impact

Through the partners in this project, the outcomes of the AdTech project will, in time, be actively disseminated beyond the Project Consortium, including the whole of the 31 EWF members throughout Europe, and the wide contact network of UPORTO, both in Portugal and in the rest of Europe. Therefore, it is expected that the VET national system will suffer significant improvements and an overall modernization in the near future. The expected impact of AdTech to the national VET systems of partners is not different that the one described for the applicant. Given that the dissemination and exploitation strategy does not only target the project countries but all the countries in Europe, the impact of AdTech will more or less be the same for all the consortium countries.
The partners will not only be responsible for addressing three professional profiles (answering an actual market need) and being the first VET providers to offer this updated Qualification to the market, but also, by addressing these profiles the consortium is creating the basis for the development of new professional profiles related to the adhesive bonding technology and the industrial sectors where it is used.

However, due to the European scale of this project (mainly because it will target an actual European market need for Qualified personnel) the consortium also expects to impact on the identified target groups and relevant stakeholders at the European level. We believe that the impact of AdTech on the target groups and other relevant stakeholders will be substantial and will include:

  • Targeting of an actual market need matching education and employment by creating the new EAB, EAS, EAE Profiles Curricula, considering three professional profiles, which are of extreme importance to the industry, namely SMEs and large companies;
  • Creation of the EAB, EAS, EAE Profiles Curricula Toolbox that will assist the implementation of the new training curricula by VET Providers/Teachers/Trainers;
  • EQF and ECVET Trainer Kit, based on EQF learning outcomes, defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competences, and allocation of ECVET points, taking into account European recommendations;
  • Absorption of the lessons learnt from transferring and adapting the existing contents (based on previous projects) to the partners country realities and needs;
  • Adaptation, dissemination and exploitation of the developed results by/to other relevant stakeholders (National Authorities for VET National and EU VET Networks);
  • Creation of jobs by companies involved in adhesive bonding, via the market availability of highly qualified personnel.

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