Project Implementation

The AdTech project is scheduled to run for 36 months, due to the high work load associated with addressing 3 professional profiles: European Adhesive Bonder, Specialist and Engineer.

AdTech Project is organized in 7 main Activities (A), with some of them directly associated with Intellectual Outputs, while others fall out of that scope. These A follow the detailed description below:

  • A1 - Research & Adaptation
    • Development of a survey to identify the pedagogical and market needs, most critical points and skills gaps to overcome during the training, in each partner's language;
    • Production of a state of the art report on the training methodology and requirements by the stakeholders, using a common template and based on the survey results;
    • Adaptation of the AdTech Curricula and tools according to each partner reality and needs, aimed the creation of a national Tool Box and planning the transfer workshop.
  • A2 - EU Common Workshop & National Pilot Sessions
    • Carry on a Common Transfer Workshop on the AdTech Curricula;
    • Carrying on National Pilot Sessions for the target groups (companies, VET trainers and teachers) by each partner;
    • Conduction of a roundtable discussion after the National Pilot Sessions with their participants and national stakeholders (as experts, VET promoters,companies, local and national policy makers), in order to launch a process for the sustainability of the product.

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